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MCA Distance Education In Jaipur

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MCA Distance Education in Jaipur

MCA Distance Education In Jaipur

There are many professionals who want to pursue a professional degree to grow their career in future. MCA Distance Education in Jaipur from Neurosharp Software Pvt Ltd enables the students to pursue the course along with the job or other work. Distance Learning Master of computer applications Program is a 3-year course designed for the graduates looking for career opportunities in Computer application. MCA from distance learning allows students to gain the knowledge and earn the degree without compromising their job and other assignments.

Our program of MCA Distance Education in Jaipur helps to gain in-depth knowledge about the concepts of memory, processing units, operating systems, Computer networks and various terminologies related to hardware and software. The program is specifically designed to develop an understanding of analysis, synthesis and problem-solving skills that implement in various computer applications.

Our MCA Distance Education in Jaipur will open up different career opportunities in public/ private sector organizations in various industries including IT, financial institutes, banks, etc. The program targets at providing high quality academic and technical training that covers the key concepts of computer applications.

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MCA Distance Education in Jaipur Program in Brief

  • In understanding the principles of information technology policies, frameworks in Computer applications.
  • To gain knowledge of computer applications, designing software, development, and implementation.
  • In understanding the concept of analyzing the problem and applying the solution in practically in various computer applications.

Our MCA Distance Education in Jaipur is post graduate program to become IT professional. Distance MCA course is best suitable for professionals who have already completed their graduate degree and either planning or already established their career in Information technology.

MCA Distance Education In Jaipur
MCA Distance Education In Jaipur

MCA Distance Education in Jaipur Syllabus:

Term Syllabus
TERM 1 Foundations of Computer Programming, Advanced Communication Skills, Basic Financial Management, Database Management Systems, Operating System
TERM 2 Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Data Structure, Web Programming
TERM 3 Modern Programmimg Tools & Techniques-I, Graph Theory & Probability, Computer Organization and Architecture, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Computer Graphics
TERM 4 Modern Programming Tools & Techniques-II, Artificial Intelligence, System Software, Database Administration, Windows Programming
TERM 5 Simulation and Modelling, Network Operating Systems-I, Data ware Housing And Data mining, Modern Web Programming Tools & Techniques –I, Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms
TERM 6 Business Intelligence, Wireless Networks, Real-Time Systems, Cloud Computing

Distance Education is becoming very popular nowadays in all over the world due to many benefits. MCA Distance Education in Jaipur can help you to get the best education in less consumption of energy and time at affordable fees. It is the most suitable way of teaching where education can be given to thousands of students or professionals located at different places. Anyone can enroll in our distance education courses easily while working; they can be students, graduates or employees.

Our configuration of MCA Distance Education in Jaipur is very convenient as any individual can adopt our courses without interrupting their job activities or other priorities. The Study can be followed in online or distance open mode. Regular walk for classes, assignments and projects are not required. All can be completed in online and distance mode.

With the increasing demand for IT professionals in the current IT marketplace, MCA Distance Education in Jaipur has become the priority course for the students who want to pursue their career in IT industries. So, if you are one of them then, you can have a bright future by doing this professional course in computer science.

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