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Diplome In Computer Hardware And Networking

  Operation System DOS & Windows

  MS Office

  MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint



  Installation(Operating Systems, Application Software, Drivers)

  Image Creation With GHOST

  Backup, Restore & Trouble Shooting

  Basics of Electricity & Electronics

  Multimeter, Capacitor, Register, Inductor, Diode, Transistors, IC’s, SCR, STR etc.


  Analog & Digital Electronics

  Logic Gates

  Computer Power Supply (SMPS)

  Monitor - CRT/LCD/LED

  Maintenance of Storage Devices

  Printer - DMP, Laser, All-in-one



  Complete Testing & Fault Finding

  Field Visit

  Networking Essentials

  Windows 7 & 8 Networking (Peer to Peer)

  Client Configuration

  Subneting & Superneting

  Microsoft Server 2012 (MCSA)

  Microsoft Server 2008 (MCITP)

  RHEL-6 (Red Hat Certified Engineer)

  Configure Yum Server

  DNS Server, DHCP Server, Apache Server, FTP Server, SH Server

  Introduction to CISCO Router & Switch


  TCP/IP & Internet Layer

  CISCO IOS Operation & Configuration



  CISCO Wireless Technology

  Wide Area Network, Virtual LAN

  Switching ( VTP & VLAN Configuratio

  Introductions to Ethical Hacking

  User Security, Network Scanning

  Virus Programs (Activation & Deactivation)

  Use Of Ethical hacking tools

  Systems Engineer

  Design Engineer

  Systems Integration Engineer

  Project Engineer

  Field Service Engineer

  System administrato

  Network Engineer

  Technical Support

  IT administrator

  Network administrator

  Security Database development and administration


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