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Digital Marketing Courses

  Fundamental On Page Factors

  File Name Optimization

  Importance of Domain Name

  Title Tag Optimization

  Meta Tag Optimization

  Header Optimization

  SEO Content Writing


  Custom 404 Error Page

  Introduction to Off Site Optimization

  Submission to Search Engine

  Google Link Scheme Guidelines

  Linking Building Method

  Directory Submission

  Blogging & Guest Blogging

  Press Releases

  Adding Site & Verification

  Search Queries Analysis

  Filtering Search Queries


  Crawls States & Errors

  Html Suggestions

  URL Parameters

  PPC Training Introduction

  PPC Account SetUp

  Google AdWords

  Yahoo Search Marketing

  What is Impression

  What is Conversion

  What is Tracking Code

  What is Keyword Research

  What is Bidding

  What is Landing Page

  Find Keyword Popularity & Search Volume

  What is Quality Score

  Bid & AdPosition

  Google AdWords Tool

  PPC Campaigns Tools

  AdGroup Performance Report

  Analyze Competetors Keywords

  Select Targeted & Related Keywords

  What is Social Media

  Benefits of Social Media

  Social Media Strategy

  Social Media Matrics in SEO

  Facebook Marketing

  Twiter Marketing

  Video Marketing









  Creating Local Listing in Serach Engine

  Google Places Setup

  Placing Website on First Page of Google Search

  Learn to Make Free Online Business Profile Page

  How to Make Monthly Basic Serach Engine Visibility Reports

  Verification on Listing ,Google Reviews

  Using Wordpress How to do SEO Works

  Creating a Simple Website for Your Business using HTML Codes

  Using Bulk Email Service to Boost Your Business

  Using Bulk SMS Service to Boost Your Business

  Live Practical Experience

  Interview Preparation

  Telephonic Conversation

  Letter & Application Writing

  Group Discussions & Personality Development Classes

  Content Writer

  Social Media Manager

  Search Engine Marketer

  Conversion Rate Optimizer

  Content Marketing Manager

  Inbound Marketing Manager


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