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Diploma In Professional Accounting & Finance (DPAF)

Computer: An Introduction

  Meaning & Definition of Computer

  Characteristics of Computer

  History of Computer

  Components of Computer

Windows Operating System

MS Office 2010

  MS Word 2010

  MS Power Point 2010

  MS Excel 2010

  MS Access 2010


  Internet: An Introduction

  Internet Terminology

  Searching for Data and Information

  Downloading & Uploading

  Creating & Managing e-Mail Accounts

  Internet Abbreviation

Accounting: An Introduction

  Meaning & Definition of Accounting

  Accounting Principles

  Accounting Concepts

  Accounting Terminology

Collecting & Recording Financial Data

  Journal Book

  Subsidiary Books

Classifying Financial Data

  Ledger Book

Summarizing Financial Data

  Trial Balance

Preparing Final Accounts

  Trading Account

  Profits and Loss Account

  Balance Sheet

  Tally : An Introduction

  Accounting Features of Tally.ERP9

  Bills wise Details

  Interest Calculation

  Cost Centre and Cost Categories


  Employee's Payroll Management

  Billing or Invoicing

  Budget & Scenario Management

  Bank Reconciliation

  Cheque Printing

  P & L and Balance Sheet Reconsilation

DT: Direct Taxation

  IT: Income Tax

  TDS: Tax Deducted Source

  STT: Security Transaction Tax

  BTT: Banking Transaction Tax

IDT: Indirect Taxation

  VAT: Value Added Tax

  CST: Central Sales Tax

  ST: Service Tax

  CED: Central Excise Duty

  Statutory (Taxation) Features of Tally.ERP9

  VAT: Value Added Tax

  CST: Central Sales Tax

  ST: Service Tax

  TDS: Tax Deducted at Source

  CED: Central Excise Duty

  Introduction to Banking

  Banking Terminology

  Bank's Clearing System

  Bank's Accounts and Their Operations


  Plastic Money

  Bank Finance

  Introduction to Investment

  Modes and Area of Insurance

  Portfolio Management

  Shares and Debentures

  Stock Markets

  Online Share Trading


  Inventory Features of Tally.ERP9

   Godowns Wise Stock Maintenance

  Maintaining Stock Categories

  Purchases & Sales Order Processing

  Maintaining Multiple Price Lists

  Introduction to Insurance

  Life Insurance

  General Insurance

  Fire and Marine Insurance

  Miscellaneous Insurance


  Introduction of Auditing

  Internal Control Management>


  Verification of Assets and Liabilities

  Audit of Final Accounts

  Liabilities of an Auditor

  Audit Reports and Certificates

  Using Payroll in Tally.ERP9

  Creating Employees' Masters

  Creating Payroll Masters

  Creating Pay heads

  Creating Salary Details

  Creating Salary Slip and others Payroll Reports

  Interview Preparation

  Telephonic Conversation

  Letter & Application Writing

  Group Discussions & Personality Development Classes

  Account Manager

  Computer Operator

  Data Entry Operator

  SA Accountant Executive

  Audit Executive

  ASS. Accountant

  EDP Associate


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